We have developed new revolutionary skis. Our patented design decreases the forces on the skier by using a distribution principle. At the same time the skis are faster, more easily maneuverable, more stable at higher velocities and they impose natural body movement. They offer a new levitating experience of skiing.

The main problem of the today’s skis are the enormous forces that are exhibited on the skier and often result in severe injuries, especially of the knees and the spine. The emphasized sidecut of the carving skis imposes centered turning, therefore the centrifugal forces on the skier are very large. Driving on the edges of the skis in wide circular turns without slipping can at high velocities result in extreme accelerations of several G on the skier.

The skis were designed with an attempt to reduce injuries in competitive skiing, particularly for younger athletes that in their development stage often suffer severe damage of joints or spine; having consequences throughout their lives. With this skis less centrifugal force is excreted on the skier, which disburdens the joints and decreases the risk of injuries. The improved maneuverability and stability of the skis impose natural body movement and allow achievement of superior results without increased risk of sustainable joints and spine damage. When used properly the skis also have therapeutic effects since they decrease pains in the back, joints, lower back (lumbar region).

The main attributes of the new ski design:

  • Decreased backpressure / disburdened joints and back
  • Natural body movement
  • Increased responsiveness / improved maneuverability
  • Higher velocities / smoother turns
  • Better control / stability / less vibrations
  • New levitating experience of skiing

The skis and snowboard are suitable for all levels of knowledge, for professional and recreational skiers and for all age groups. The feeling all skiers crave for is now at disposal to everyone: skiing becomes flying and gravity turns into levitation.