Subtle forms of time


Those who strive to leave all the forms of their identity, are stopping time within themselves, and within them eyes of time are opening in which feedback is awakening…

God’s will cannot implement itself on its own. It needs its carrier. It needs you. And until it finds a sufficiently merciful soul, it remains without its form.

Exactly the same feeling is speaking to everyone, everyone is hearing the same voice, the voice of life – the only difference is that someone respects it, and someone ignores it not allowing it within himself. You alone are the content and the form of life, but as long as you defend the borders of your identity, you are only dying in it; and the contents of life are only sleeping inside of you as long as you are protecting them as your own.

The forms of time or the feedback-forms bring peace to you, while the forms of space or the origin-forms confirm your spatial or physical identity. The more man is holding on to his own time in space, the less forms of time he can allow. Thus in every step of the overtaken time, he is hurrying in order to preserve his space. However, the more he is hurrying, the more he is being carried away in time and into a more difficult psychological and physical distress he is falling. He is like a wounded animal caught in a trap. Because man is alone is a trap to himself and only alone can he save himself out of it.

Every idea is a living fluid of life. An idea is never in a hurry, because it is neither too slow nor too fast. It cannot be in an overtaken nor in a delayed time, since it doesn´t have its own time, but is waiting for you – the other side, to awaken in you and obtain its time-form in space.

One must be able to remain silent on his own account in order to allow life to start speaking within him. Only in him, whose heart is open, an idea can find its home. In him, who opens his heart, an idea can – by the rule of feedback – freely arise and mature into a time-form. On the other hand, the one who is outrunning time and is trying to own ideas as means of his spatial or physical identity is hard and brutal to everything subtle. As everything within him serves only for his identification, nothing can be formed within him – everything inside of him is dead, as he gives no space to anything. While he is sleeping – blinded by his own dreams – life sweeps away, because he has closed the eyes and the doors to everything real.