Being of an infinite value


Man is a being of an infinite value. If he would respect the gifts of life with all his awareness, he would – in his unawareness – represent the greatest treasure of nature. And when two would allow to be a pair to each other, the natural rule of subconscious flow would start running between them – not in their captivity, but in complete freedom and beauty of their nature.

Natural flow of life runs within us always when we allow it and don’t dictate reality by our own will. But as soon as we wish to limit life into our own riverbed, we interrupt the natural flow of life with our overtaken time and step in pair with ourselves. This is because life is not ours, but we are of life. We cannot name life with our name, only life can name us, if we allow it to.

Society in which we live today is like a cheap sale where money is worthier than every soul. In it we are constantly overtaking time and thus interrupting the natural flow of life. Always when an artificial flow conquers a society and starts to rule in it, all creativity and development dry up. In this time no one is reaping nor sowing, everyone is just trying to be a faster predator than the other. This way life has lost all of its real value. And it would be enough only to give up our awareness in the name of life.

If your soul is humble and devoted, you are treasuring life with infinite value, because you are forming pair with what is real. If in your awareness you are forming a pair with obstinacy, obstinacy conquers your subconsciousness and overtakes you against your will and interrupts all the spontaneities of life.

Life runs through the unawareness of the humble, not through the awareness of the smart. Pairs are formed subconsciously. No one can include or exclude someone into or out of a pair. Only subconsciousness can do it, in accordance with what you belong to. The time in which you could choose your own pairs and dreamed your affiliations has passed. Time of subconsciousness was born in the distant future, in the near future it has opened the doors of pre- and post-time and thus unveiled and delineated dreams from reality. Now the subconscious flow runs synchronously with the present, therefore man’s inner captivity on one side and freedom on the other are growing ever stronger.