Prima / secunda


Isocentric skis are adapted for the left and the right side of the body. “Prima” (+) is the leading leg ski and “secunda” (-) the following leg ski. The result is symmetrical response of the left and the right ski regardless of the different strengths of the leading and the following leg.

People are left-handed or right-handed. We have two halves of the body, which are different in strength, stability and explosiveness. Isocentric skis consider this basic imbalance of forces, which forces the skier into unnatural movement and is a source of tensions in the body. With an innovative ski design, the skis equalize forces of the left and the right leg and thus nullify the effect of a weaker and a stronger leg. In this way they create a new, until now unknown balance of skiing. Skier can naturally respond to gliding without artificial force induction.