iv Ski

Isocentric skis are introducing a new revolutionary way of making turns where the centre of the turns is not static, but dynamic, continuously readjusted centre, i.e. an isocentre. The centre of the turn is not defined with the sidecut radius, as is the case with the classical carving skis, but is projected based on the forces applied to the ski, the skier’s center of gravity and the slope of the terrain.

Because the centre of the turn is continuously repositioning itself and is not only a fixed point around which skier rotates as a pendulum forces on the skier are smaller and more uniformly distributed throughout the entire turn – they do not increase sinusoidal from the beginning of the turn to its inflection point, but have a flatter distribution profile. This reduces the effect of pulsating loading – which induces a mechanical, automated body response – and allows for a more spontaneous, natural response. At the same time the control of skis is drastically increased.