Defence mechanisms



We live in a world of flaws in which any disadvantage can represent an impermeable wall or merely a mist. Someone intensifies the smallest nuances into darkness of catacombs, while someone changes walls of imperfections into morning mists.

Skiing is based on learned predefined physical patterns, but each skier also develops his own defence mechanisms for situations where skis cannot follow the desired body movement and skier must react intuitively to avoid injuries. This often causes stiff and reserved skiing style. With isocentric skis no defence mechanisms occur, because the skis respond very naturally and accurately to the body movement. This way skiing clearly improves – even for skiers with previously established defence mechanisms – subconsciously and without effort or hard learning. Product’s balance and perfect force distribution automatically loosens any patterns of defence. The body responds with a “dismissal” of all defence mechanisms or forced motorics which skier is not able to dismiss consciously. When the threat is no longer subconsciously perceived, defence falls off automatically.