It is incredible to see how far back skis date and how differently and skilfully they have evolved – each of them being so perfectly suited for that particular time, environment and purpose. Each and every one of them carries a distinct, deep nostalgia, because they were all products of man’s sincere search and love. As such, they are a result of the spirit of that time that manifested itself through those who were willing, humble and brave enough to let the spirit work its way through them… just as every object, idea or art form that stood the test of time does. This is why all the works of man are essentially divided into two different categories: the objective and the subjective.

Man always chooses bi-polar: will he leave his position to the spirit or to anything in front of him or will he try to occupy the given position himself. Objective is any work where man gave his position to life so that it could manifest itself – every work done so was made by the spirit. Subjective is any work where man tried to manifest himself as life.

In this time, the majority of works are industrial and empty. Man tends more and more to find personal works made with love and devotion… such that veiled over the works that remained. Isocentric skis are based on pure devotion and represent the spirit of this time. They are made with craftsmanship of the old masters at the same time encompassing the spirit of today. This is why they carry the same fluid as the greatest works of art or the greatest discoveries of their time.


Do not live life according to personal rules, but according to the rule of life.
Only what you do according to the rule of life and not according to a personal motive,
is exact and is the only profession that exists.