It is not difficult to bear a name, it is difficult to be nameless, forgotten…

Everyone is striving to be someone; nobody dares to be no one. However, only when you are nameless, can life give you a name of its own and only that name is real. All self-proclaimed names are merely an illusion, since nothing exists yet. In this world, we are only reflections and we are all yet to be born for eternity. All that is real is our relationship towards anything or anyone. And only through our love, sacrifice and devotion can life bestow us.

Exactly for the amount you sacrifice yourself, can something else have its place, can something else live. And only through sacrifice of brave individuals did throughout human history wisdom, art, scientific discoveries and inventions find their place in the space which was opened through the abandonment of their own.

This is why one should always think of others and not of himself. For within you are only darkness and death and outside of you light and life in all its colorfulness and diversity.

In order to be, one should accept his nothingness, his “none”, and the spirit will guide him…