iv Ski

Man thinks only his head or his brains can be smart. However, also his hands, his feet and his entire body can be smart – if only he lets them be. The human body with all its internal and external parts has a mind of its own, its own life and its own feelings. A man can either let them be and pulsate freely in their own rhythm or can frustrate them with his own rules and ideas. This way, man can – merely by the means of his psychological relationship with his body – on one hand develop a strong, healthy and agile body or can on the other hand gain chronical pains, unnatural body postures and other malfunctions. In the final sense, the body is merely an extension of the soul, of the mind, and if one is strong enough, he can with his faith overcome any bodily limitation.

This way, man can allow his body parts to develop their own intelligence, their own mechanisms and let them work without any conscious control over them. This way all great athletes or great craftsmen work – through hours of practice their body parts have developed a mind of their own so that man does not need to control it anymore.

But the problem of contemporary physical culture is that the society, media and the products are trying to box man’s mind and body into completely arbitrary defined artificial trends. This way they are killing the spirit and the spark of living life that dwells inside every human being, waiting to grow into a bonfire – but being only smouldering embers.

Isocentric skis are developed in the spirit of the freedom of the body, soul and the spirit. The design, construction and the basic skiing concept is rooted in one main idea: letting your body and soul breathe freely, letting them be what they are and build on their true basis. It is not about enforcing any pre-defined patterns or rules or even suggesting what is right and what is wrong; it is about saying: “just let yourself go and you will fly.” Because your body and your soul already know everything – if you would only let them be smart.

Once you will let them be, you will be amazed by the skills, simplicity and the power which was sleeping inside, waiting to be unleashed.