As a sporting nation, engaged with development of new and better techniques for enjoyment in outdoor activities, Slovenes are one of the contributors that enabled the revolutionising of skiing in the 90’s. The new era of “carving” skiing style began after the launch of the first commercial ski with an emphasised sidecut in 1991, developed and made in Slovenia.

Today the market is flooded with seemingly countless variations of skis that with all their novel designs and technologies at the end of the day do not make any meaningful change to the average skier. This is because the development that occurred over the last 20 years in the ski construction is more or less just a fine tuning of the emphasized sidecut design. Although several novel ski designs were introduced, such as the rocker technology for the deep snow conditions, and new materials were added to the ski construction; any notable change, a truly original design construction that would really take skiing to a new level hasn’t come about yet…

…until now. Now, the change is here, and again, it comes from the same small country that obviously has a special sensibility for revolutionising the skiing practices and for discovering daring ski designs way ahead of their time.