iv Ski

“We are not as rich to buy cheap”, is an old folk proverb. It didn’t arise without a reason. Back in the day, quality products were highly appreciated and valued. People were aware that obtaining a cheaper, low quality product will not work in the long-term, but rather deliver poor results and very soon need a replacement; resulting in a higher end-cost compared to the efficient long-lasting high-quality product.

Since the early days, craftsmen were highly valued. Tools, weapons, household items and nursing utilities were products which importantly influenced the comfort of life and sometimes even decided its fate. The knowledge and skills for their manufacture were not accessible to everyone – they were transferred through generations from masters to their apprentices; often within a single-family line, from father to a son. And only through life-long training and patience one could become a true master of his art. Therefore, the price was not even a question – it was a logical result of the time and the effort that went into the product.

With industrial revolution man’s perspective has changed. The previously exclusive items became widely accessible and man slowly started to lose his appreciation for the meticulously hand-crafted products. Initially, these were even frowned upon as old-fashioned and imperfect compared to the identically produced industrial ones. The price of the hand-crafted object of course hardly competed with that of the mass-produced ones.

However, with time people became aware that mass-produced items are robbed of their soul. These objects cannot touch the human soul in the same way a hand-made product made with love and devotion can. This is why more and more companies around the world are turning back to the personally made products – whether by using contemporary technologies or solely by using traditional crafts and methods.

Isocentric skis are also taking a step in this direction. However, we are not solely going back to the roots, but building on the knowledge of our forefathers, using the available knowledge and technologies to grow higher, stronger. Quality and devotion of the old masters is our guidance, because we are aware that:

Only what is made with love and devotion, carries a blessing within.