iv Ski

The most important part of each project is a pure idea. The basis of the design of isocentric skis and snowboards are straight, pure lines; pure in form, but at the same time agitated; traditional, but modern. All elements of design originate in the natural environment: the style of snow, ice, and winter.

The idea lies in space

An artist should always read ideas from the environment, as the environment hides the perfect solution in itself. A solution for each space already lies in it. If the artist listens, the space whispers the solutions and draws the lines. The real and the only right solution is therefore not egocentric, but “isocentric”.


The essence of culture is ever new creating and approaching perfection – a continuous search for originality. For this reason, a true work of art can only be based on an original idea, which automatically invites everyone to create originally, to create with the freedom of spirit. Masterpieces always possess the biggest possible counterpoint: they reach back into history and look far into the future.

Matching with the environment

A product that is based on an original, unique idea can enter any cultural and geographical area but still matches perfectly. Such a product can be placed anywhere in the world and it would be in its natural place everywhere. If the product is based on a good idea, it will match every location, every culture, every tradition.