The capability of analytical thinking is the fundamental domain of the human being and is a reflection of the power of his insight. Creation is an analytical elaboration of the outer or the inner world and thus always carries some logic. The structure of this world is built with mathematical exactness, and the same is true for the human’s inner world. Therefore, extreme precision and consistency are needed to manifest a mathematically exact objective rule through an art form.

Art is the representation of the abstract worlds through tangible forms, and the top-quality works are those that transfer the objective rule with great precision from the world of the unknown or the subconscious to the world of the known or the conscious. Everything that is analysed is taken out of the realm of mystery and thus out of the subconscious, therefore all discoveries are unique and unrepeatable.

In this process, through the analysis of elementary processes and forms, the aura of virtual worlds disappears and only the silence of farewell remains. Time is passing into an increasingly primary form and is revealing counterfeits faster and faster. This is why all subjective forms have an ever shorter lifetime and only the real works remain, the works that have captured the spirit of some relationship through human sacrifice.

This world is a world of imprints. Everywhere is full of imprints: imprints of time, imprints of relationships, imprints of some stories and worlds. A compassionate person sees these imprints, listens to them and brings them to life, giving them form and content. If he sees an imprint of a hand, he gives it a hand, if he sees an imprint of an eye, he gives it an eye. But if one is arbitrary and only sees himself, he will put a foot into the imprint of a hand and put an ear into the imprint of an eye.

On the elementary basis, all works are divided based on the sacrifice of their author. Because it is not necessary to be a genius to understand something, it is enough to give yourself and you will find out exactly as much as you will give.

Therefore, one needs to have a heart and forget about himself, because a selfish man is blind and his works are empty.