Flow like water


The main philosophy behind the isocentric skis is to ride without effort and to allow the body to move naturally and freely instead of forcing it into predefined positions. Ski is designed to serve the body and not vice-versa.

“Flow like water” is the motto of the wave body movement technique which encompasses the free spirit of the isocentric skis. Inspired by the elements from ancient movement techniques such as traditional dances, martial arts, and meditational movements, the focus is always on core stability and flexibility, avoiding any unnatural positions that could lead to unbalanced force distribution and injuries.

With the use of the isocentric skis, natural physical activity can be developed and transferred from the skiing slopes to everyday activities like walking, sitting, running, etc. This way everyday movement as well as other sports activities benefit greatly since the softness and elegance gained at skiing subconsciously remain inside the body and are transferred to any other movement.

Professional skiers benefit as well, since daily training, becomes less strenuous for the body, especially the joints are disburdened. This way, new dimensions of speed and stability, responsiveness, manoeuvrability, and safety can be achieved.